Lienzo Sorolla Largo is a collection of large prints. We have used the English version names of Sorolla paintings as well as English descriptions. But, let´s say something first about this great Valencian painter

Joaquin Sorolla (Valencia, 1863 – Cercedilla, Spain, 1923) is the most famous Valencian painter. Trained in his hometown with the help of sculptor Capuz, he later studied the works of the Prado Museum and, thanks to a scholarship, was able to reside and study in Rome from 1884 to 1889. At this time he devoted himself above all to paintings on historical themes.

A trip to Paris in 1894 brought him into contact with the Impressionist movement, which changed his style completely. He abandoned the previous subjects and began to paint in the outdoors, allowing himself to be influenced by the light and color of the Mediterranean. It is precisely the works of light colors and vigorous brushstrokes, reproductions of the seashore scenes that are most identified with the art of Sorolla.
However, he was a very active artist, who also made numerous portraits of Spanish personalities and some works of social character under the influence of his friend Blasco Ibáñez.

Pleasant and easy style made him receive countless commissions, which allowed him to enjoy a comfortable social position. His fame went beyond the Spanish borders to spread throughout Europe and the United States, where he exhibited on several occasions. From 1910 to 1920 he painted a series of murals with regional themes for the Hispanic Society of America in New York.

In Sorolla’s most characteristic style, that of impressionist technique and conception, the representation of the human figure stands out (naked children, women in vaporous dresses) on a beach or landscape background, where reflections, shadows, transparencies, the intensity of the light and the color transfigure the image and give value to themes in itself inconsequential. Some critics consider these works a cross between the French impressionists and the English watercolorists.


All the canvases are printed on 500 mm with, and the lenght depends on the original ratio of Sorolla painting. The most usual sizes are 500×600, 500x,650, 500×700. There is a 30 mm overlap, additional space created in Photoshop that allows print to be mounted on 30 mm thick wooden frame, so the original is shown as a whole on the main panel. 

Since those reproductions are quite big and heavy, we don´t have a shipping option on our site, they can be bought on the Internet and collected in our shop, or if you decide to buy more than 2, they will be delivered to you by the shop personnel. 


Todos los lienzos están impresos en 500 mm de ancho y el largo depende de la proporción original de la pintura de Sorolla. Los tamaños más habituales son 500×600, 500×650, 500×700. Hay una superposición de 30 mm, espacio adicional creado en Photoshop que permite montar la impresión en un marco de madera de 30 mm de grosor, por lo que el original se muestra como un todo en el panel principal. 

Dado que esas reproducciones son bastante grandes y pesadas, no tenemos una opción de envío en nuestro sitio, se pueden comprar en Internet y recoger en nuestra tienda, o si decide comprar más de 2, se las entregarán. por el personal de la tienda.